Managing Your Money At The Casino

The only truly enjoyable gambling experience is that experience had from sticking to a pre-formulated bankroll management system, or budget. Much in the same way as how you would go about planning a vacation – with the size of your bankroll determining whether that vacation will be fun in the sun on an exotic and faraway island, or going camping for the weekend and keeping it local – so too should your money management approach be when looking forward to an evening or even a weekend of fun around the games tables.

Career sports bettors and professional Blackjack and Poker players aside, gambling is to most people not a lifestyle or means to make a living, but rather the perfect escape from the reality of every-day life and responsibilities. And since it can only ever remain that for as long as it stays a fun and relaxing experience, the importance of good and disciplined money management cannot be overestimated.

And lucky for us, by sticking to just a few basic approaches or principles, proper bankroll management is easy.

Remaining Within Your Means

We’ve listed this one first because it is the most important guideline of them all. Remaining within one’s means basically comes down to not spending money not actually in the bank and disposable. No responsible person goes on vacation using money already allocated to the payment of monthly bills, making use of a credit card reserved for unexpected emergencies, or even dipping into retirement funds or other saving plans. Why should a different set of rules apply to a weekend in Vegas?

Money allocated towards your gambling budget should come from money initially set aside for entertainment. Also, remember that an evening or weekend spent at the casino will involve costs other than only that money set aside for actual gambling. Expenses such as travel, accommodation, and food, should all be factored in too.

The Importance Of Daily Limits

Failing to set daily limits can potentially turn what was supposed to be a fun and relaxing 5-day trip to Vegas into financial disaster. Running out of money by day three of five will only obviously tempt most people into exceeding their actual means and budget.

A fail-safe way for avoiding this particular gambling pitfall, is to take your gambling budget and divide the available money to spend by the number of days on your itinerary. If you do happen to run out of gambling money early on in the day, instead of dipping into the following day’s allotment, rather explore some of the other amenities on offer away from the actual casino floor.

The Importance Of Time Limits

Helpful too when determined to stick to a set gambling bankroll is the setting of time limits. Marathon runs at the games tables hardly ever lead to fortunes made. It’s normal to become foggy or mentally drained after prolonged periods of time concentrating on just about anything – time spent playing Blackjack or Craps not excepted.

Taking a time-out for a quick meal or visit to the restroom will rest and replenish your body and energy resources as well as help stretch the balance of your available bankroll.