How To Boost Your Bingo Wins

Whether we prefer to play bingo online, at a land-based casino or part of an organised event, we are all familiar with the sheer disappointment that occurs when we are so close to completing a line or a whole card, only miss out on a jackpot by the narrowest of margins. With bingo once again rising in popularity, especially in the online space, this feeling is one we all want to avoid when playing this exciting casino vertical.

So how exactly can you increase your chances of winning at bingo? Let’s take a closer look:

Examine The Game Mechanics

Before you start a game of bingo be sure to take a look at the specific rules and mechanics of your chosen bingo game. Each traditional bingo card will feature a grid of numbers and you win by marking of these numbers. Different bingo games offer different ways to win, from marking off specific lines, to multiple lines or the full card, which is known as a full house. In addition straight line patterns, some games require players to make patterns or shapes, such as triangles, squares and crosses.

Each bingo variation can have slightly different card variants and rules. The more ways there are to win, the better your chances of getting a good pay out.

Understand The Jackpots

Jackpots in a game of bingo can either being fixed or progressive. Jackpots that are fixed don’t change, regardless of how many players sign up, and in this case you want to look for a bingo room with a high fixed jackpot but low player numbers. Progressive jackpots on the other hand will go up or down depending on previous winnings and player numbers.

Be aware when looking at player numbers that in online bingo sometimes the game is shared across multiple operator websites so there may be more players online than you originally thought. Also, if you do hit the jackpot, sometimes your winnings may be split with others that also won but are playing on a different online casino.

Play The Tournaments

In addition to once off bingo games, certain online operators and even land-based casinos will offer you the opportunity to join a bingo tournament. In tournament play you will get a certain number of points for each game, with your overall winnings calculated at the end of the tournament. Tournaments offer a great way to cash in on some really great prizes, with spot winnings being awarded in addition to the overall jackpot. Just ensure you have time to play regularly as you want to try and avoid missing a game in your tournament.

When playing an online tournament, or even a single game of online bingo for that matter, a great way to boost your gameplay is engaging with other regular bingo players in the chat. Not only will this make your gaming experience more interesting and enjoyable, but certain online casinos even offer special bonuses for the more time you spend engaging in the chat.