Finding the Casino Favourite Roulette Online

Besides European roulette, there is also French roulette which includes betting options such as Finales en Plein and La Partage rule.  La Partage allows players to keep half their bet in certain situations if they lose.  Other variations of roulette include 3D, premium, mini roulette and live roulette.  Another variation is American roulette and this differs from European roulette in that it has 38 pockets instead of 37, and has an extra zero pocket.  European roulette is preferred as the odds are more in favour of the player.

Choosing an Online Casino to Play Roulette

Almost every online casino will offer roulette online.  Players should choose a reputable site when playing roulette online.  Players should look at the security of the casinos and if they guarantee payout of winnings.  Some online casinos offer roulette online with a live dealer and the game is played in a studio that looks like a real casino with real dealers.  Players are able to talk to the dealer and the other players.

It is easy to find a roulette game online as it is a very popular game, but it is not easy to find a casino which offers a roulette bonus and this is because roulette has a lower house edge.  Because of this some online casinos do not usually offer a bonus throughout the game.  When playing roulette online a player can reduce the house edge by using smart bonuses.  The competition between casinos is great so rather shop around for a casino that offers promotions for playing roulette online.

How to Play Roulette Online

European roulette has 37 pockets, and they are numbered 0-36.  The pockets alternate red or black.

It is good to understand the roulette bets when playing roulette online as this will increase your odds of winning at mobile online casino Australia.  The following are a list of common bets:  Single number bet, which covers a single number.  Colour bet covers all the red or black, split bet covers two numbers, street bet covers three numbers, corner bet covers four numbers, dozen bet covers the first, second or third dozen set, high or low bet covers 1-18 or 19-36, odd bet covers odd numbers and even bet covers even numbers.

Different roulette games offer different betting options so be aware of this.

Your bet will determine the odds of winning when playing roulette online.  The following odds will give you an idea of the payouts for some of the bets.  When you bet on single numbers the odds are 2:1 and when placing bets on colours, odd or even or high or low with a probability of about 48% to win.  When betting on a single number the odds of winning are about 2.7%, while betting for a dozen the odds are about 32% to win.  The odds for roulette online compared to other games such as slots are quite good.

Playing roulette online is great fun and may look easy, but there is quite a bit to learn such as the betting rules and also the rules specific to the online version that you are playing.  It is always a good idea to try out the game in practice mode before playing for real money and is a good way to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game.