Creating Your Own Black Book

A black book is a list of names or contacts that are important for some reason. They might be your recent conquests, reputable building contractors, or the best restaurants in town. Black books have also described some very serious lists historically, such as people being smuggled out of Nazi-occupied countries during World War II.

There is usually an element of secrecy involved as well; you wouldn’t want everyone to see who you’ve been hooking up with or to discover hidden dining gems. And, of course, people escaping Nazi occupation would need to be kept quiet as well. In terms of betting and gambling, such a list might be establishments that should be avoided at all costs, or those that you’ve found to be the most rewarding. It could also be a compilation of useful sites and tools for improving your strategy and skills. Less virtuous lists have also been created, but we are going to focus on the good! Read on to find out more about creating your very own black book to help you play.

Look Around

It’s best to stay open-minded as you are compiling these lists of venues and resources. Do as much research as possible, and check out as many as you can.

Keep separate lists for different kinds of information, such as one for casinos with exceptional bonuses and another for those with the best Blackjack varieties. You may find that certain names appear on more than one list, but this will help you to keep organised.

Try Things for Yourself

If any site, tool or strategy is recommended to you, you should try it out before adding it to your black book. If it’s a land-based casino or game, start with small wagers to see what you think. If it’s an online establishment, you’ll usually be allowed to play for free before you commit to a real money bet. Use the no-deposit play option to test drive different strategies or tools that have been recommended to you before you play for real money with them as well.

Once you know what you think, you can decide which list you want to add something to. If it has been disappointing or damaging, put it down as one of the things to avoid. If it’s been helpful and beneficial, put it on the list of resources to avoid. If you tried something based on the recommendation of a review site, you’ll have an idea of where to put down the name of that site as well!

Review Regularly

To make sure you’re always making the most of your game time, look out for new establishments and tools whenever possible. Keep test-driving them and adding them to your black books so that y keep developing as a player.

Revising and evolving your style, tool and games will strengthen your skills, so that you have more fun and win more money. Keep your reference and resource lists up to date, so that you know what’s going on and it’s easy to do just that.