A Detailed Introduction to Pokies for Casino Players

Pokies is slang for poker machine and is a term that originated in Australia and are officially known as gaming machines.  They can be found in casinos, pubs and clubs.  In Australia each state has their own laws regulating use of gaming machines and so do vary from state to state.

Gaming machines in Australia simulate physical reels using video displays.  These machines have bonus and second-screen features in the form of free games and bonus levels.

Pokie machines have become a very popular form of recreation in Australia and about 40% of Australians play pokies.  There are almost 2000 of these gaming machines in Australia which works out to a ratio of one to 100, one machine for every 100 citizens.  People visiting Australia find pokies fascinating.  People will come up with different theories as to which pokie machine is the most popular, one theory is to play on machines that are in remote areas and are not played as often, meaning better odds.  Some say to choose a machine that has a greater pay-out, but remember that they will be more expensive to play.  Choose a pokie machine that will suit your budget.

How to Play Pokies

Playing pokies is simple.  First insert a coin or note in the slot and you will find a range of buttons below the screen.  Some pokies may look a bit different, but they all work on the same principle.  All pokies will use a three reel or five reel formats.  The three reel is very similar to the original slot machines also known as “one armed bandits” and are found mainly in casinos and pubs and are more popular as they are easier to play.  These pokies have one line which stretches across three reels.  The player will win if they get three of the same symbol across the line.

Most of the 3D and video pokies are found in online casinos, while land based casinos offer the five reel.  The board is bigger with more ways to win, offering over 25 pay-lines for every spin.  They also offer many more bonuses including wild symbols, free spins, mini-games and scatters like in online real money pokies Australia.  Players might ask which is the better one to play, and the answer is that is depends on your preference.  Those players wanting simplicity will choose the three reel while other players who enjoy animation and those who are partial to good quality graphics will choose the five reel.  The five reel offer extra bonus options, but three reel seems to have larger payouts.

There are also progressive jackpot pokies and here the jackpot increases every time the game is played.  These are especially popular for online players and are very lucrative and many have won millions of dollars.  These use three or five reel slots.

Tips for Playing Pokies

Make sure you have a budget before playing pokies and do not play with money that has been set aside for expenses.  If you find that you are on a losing streak, do not increase your bets and do not chase losses.  Decide on how long you will be playing and if you are winning rather take the cash and leave.  Playing pokies at casinos will ensure larger payouts than pubs.  If you want higher payouts rather play online as opposed to land-based casinos. You might want to consider joining the casino’s VIP programme and extra rewards.

Most importantly, remember it’s not always about the money, play for the enjoyment and entertainment.