A Comprehensive Review of Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit by NetEnt

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit and the two other games in the Oasis Poker Pro Series have been created by developer Net Entertainment based on the prolific game of Caribbean Stud Poker. This series of games, in turn, is a part of NetEnt’s Professional Series, which offers online casino players a range of classic casino table games that can be played for both free and real money at most NetEnt casinos.

While all three variations of Oasis Poker Pro follow the same basic rules as Caribbean Stud, the games differ in terms of their payouts structures, additional rules and bet limits. Oasis Poker pro Low Limit has the lowest range of bet limits out of the three variations, making it suitable for players with any budget and gambling requirements.

Net Entertainment Professional Series

Net Entertainment’s Professional Series is a series of casino table games that can be played online at any NetEnt casino. The series includes classic table and card games such as baccarat, blackjack, roulette, Caribbean Stud poker, Texas Hold’em poker, roulette and punto banco, as well as all three versions of Oasis Poker Pro. NetEnt has retained the traditional rules and style of each of these casino games while updating them with modern features and graphics for a more contemporary gambling experience, as well as including high and low limit variations to cater to all manner of online casino players.

Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit Fundamentals

Most NetEnt casinos also allow their players to play Professional Series games such as Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit for free, enabling them to learn more about the rules and strategies of the game and hone their skills before wagering real money like the gamblers of this option. Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit is also considered to be suitable for beginners and low roller players, as it offers the lowest betting limits of any of the games in the Oasis Poker Pro Series, allowing players to wager any bet between 0.10 and 5.00 in the currency of their choice. Beginners can also choose to switch to standard or high limit Oasis Poker Pro games at any time once they are familiar with the respective rules and game play.

Rules and Payouts of Oasis Poker Pro

While Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit and Caribbean Stud are played using almost identical rules, there are a few key differences between these two poker games. Unlike Caribbean Stud, Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit does not offer a progressive jackpot, which in turn allows the game to offer a higher theoretical RTP percentage of 99.27%. Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit also has an additional rule that allows players to exchange anywhere up to five of their cards for new ones from the deck for a fee.

Playing Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit

To play Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit, players must begin the game by placing an ante bet of their choosing. Five cards each are then dealt to the player and the dealer, with the player’s cards facing upwards and the dealer’s cards facing downwards, save for the hole card which is dealt face-up. Then players can choose to exchange their cards for new cards from the deck or keep their existing hand; after this step, the best poker hand will win the game, provided that the dealer has qualified with an Ace and King combination or better.